A great piece of gym equipment for all-round low impact workouts, an elliptical cross trainer is a stationary exercise machine that stresses your joints as little as possible to decrease the risk of impact injuries or further aggravating injuries of users. In elliptical machines, the handles move in sync with the pedals. This adds another dimension to your workout, exercising both the lower body and the upper body. Being cardio equipment, an elliptical gym machine is also highly effective to burn fat and for weight loss and a valuable to your home workout plan.

There are only a few variations to keep in mind when choosing how to buy an elliptical trainer. There are gym machines with electromagnetic resistance that provide more functions than the normal magnetic resistance types. The placement of the magnetic flywheel can also differ relative to the machine (front / rear drive). Set apart from the rest, there is also the Orbitrek, which is a hybrid of the exercise cycle and cross trainer.

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