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1)How should I clean my Equipment?

Reach Treadmill We recommend that you vacuum around and underneath the treadmill on a monthly basis. Your treadmill will also look better much longer if you wipe the sweat off after each workout. A soft sponge or towel dampened moistened with water is best for the finish, but if necessary a mild, diluted dish soap can be used on the tough spots (use only Non-Phosphate cleaner.) Never use any cleaning agents on the walking deck. You can wipe down the exposed edges of the deck with a dry paper towel to remove the grime but do not clean the portion covered by the walking belt Reach Bikes: If it has a 3-piece crank, check/tighten crank arm bolts about once a month to prevent noise issues. Reach Elliptical: Tighten cranks every 3 months. Keep tracks clean and free of debris.

2) What is correct procedure to apply lubricant?

Lubricate the belt and deck. Refer to the lubricating schedule found in the owner's manual. To lubricate any Reach treadmill you will need to loosen the two bolts at the rear of the machine, which will also loosen the belt. You need just enough slack in the belt to allow your hand underneath it to squeeze a packet of lubricant in the center of the deck. Tighten back the belt, and run the machine at three miles per hour while walking on it. The lubricant will spread onto the needed areas.

3) Where I can find lubricant?

Please call Reach parts and service team at 89562-12345, to order lubrication for your Treadmill. They are available Monday - Saturday, from 10am - 6:00pm.

4) What to Consider while selecting location of Treadmill?

In home usage, you want to be sure to leave 18" of clearance on each side and 4’ of clearance to the rear of the treadmill. Keep the power cord away from heated surfaces. Keep your treadmill indoor away from dust ,water and sunlight.

5)I don't see a dealer in my area, may I purchase directly from Reach Fitness?

If you do not see a Reach Fitness dealer in your area, you may call Reach Fitness directly to better assist you 89562-12345 or by email at:

6) There is a dealer in my area, may I still purchase directly from Reach Fitness?

Yes, you may purchase our fine fitness products directly through this website .Please call to 89562-12345 to get assistance from our fitness expert in selecting your product. Or write us at

7) How can I avail EMI Option?

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8) My Treadmill needs maintenance or repair who should I contact?

Your selling dealer will perform the service or direct you to an authorized service provider in your area.

9) I purchased my Reach Fitness product online - who do I contact for service in my area?

Your first step is to contact your online dealer for support. They will assist you in finding a service company in your area .For any further assistance call on 89562-12345

10) What do I do if an error message appears on my Reach treadmill?

First determine which error message it is, and contact the dealer you purchased your unit from or an authorized REACH service provider. To clear the error code, you must cycle the unit power switch off and on, with the safety key inserted. Call your dealer or authorized Service Company if the error persists.

11) What do I do If my belt starts to track off to one side?

You can adjust your treadmill belt accordingly by following these procedures: ! Use Caution anytime you are working on moving mechanical equipment. NOTE: Adjustments must be made with the belt running at approximately 5mph.
1. First you need to determine which direction the belt is tracking.
2. Always use the left rear roller bolt to make adjustments. (The left side is referenced from the users left side while walking on the unit in the forward direction. Next, you need to adjust the left rear roller bolt clockwise if the belt needs to move to the right and counter clockwise if it needs to move to the left. NOTE: Never adjust the bolt more than one quarter of a turn at one time, leaving time between adjustments for the belt to respond..
3. Run the belt at approximately 5 mph and it should work its way back over. NOTE: Only adjust as much as you need to keep the belt straight. If you have to turn the bolt more than 3/4 of a turn, or if the adjustment doesn't stay, call a TRUE certified technician for assistance in making the adjustment.