We offer comprehensive range of strength equipment that suits for personal home use and commercial gym set up.
A. HOME STRENGTH EQUIPMENT – Home Gym, Multi Gym, Gym Sets, Multi Stations, gym Stations, weights.
We provide series of strength training equipment to offer solutions for every size of gym set ups.
a) Phoenix Series – Premium selectorized strength equipment that combines all of the functional performance elements demanded from strength line. Our strength equipment like leg press, leg extension, chest press, bicep curls have been specialized designed to fulfill need of any exerciser.
b) Enkay Series – The Enkay Series provide incorporates a biomechanically correct and user-friendly design. This series serves perfect selection of upper body and lower body strength training equipment.
c) Enigma Series – A versatile line of strength equipment that include benches, racks, leg extension, chest press, biceps curl, seated row, shoulder press, lat pull down, seated leg curl, incline chest press, free weights, weight bench etc are designed for compact, space efficient, selectorized units.
d) Hammer Strength – Hammer strength is choice of professional athlete when they train at highest level. Reach hammer strength has got some amazing feedback from customers.
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Phoenix Platinum Series Enquire Now

chest press:PP-001

Size: 1325 x 1290 x 1925 (mm)

Machine Weight: 219 kg

bicep curl:PP-006

Size: 1170x 930 x 1580(mm)

Machine Weight: 190 kgs

shoulder press:PP-002

Size: 1590 x 1380 x 1580 (mm)

Machine Weight: 235 kgs

standing calf:PP-023

Size: 1350x1160x1770 (mm)

Machine Weight: 230 kgs

leg extension:PP-019

Size: 1250x1000x1580(mm)

Machine Weight: 224 kgs

seated leg curl:PP-020

Size: 1280x1000x1580(mm)

Machine Weight: 230 kgs

Phoenix Gold SeriesEnquire Now

Shoulder press:PG-002

Size: 1280x1000x1580(mm)

Machine Weight: 230 kgs

Chest press:PG-001

Size: 1180x1540x1390(mm)

Machine Weight: 232 kgs

Bicep Curl:PG-006

Size: 1340x1540x1660(mm)

Machine Weight: 238 kgs

Leg Extension:PG-019

Size: 1420x1540x1150(mm)

Machine Weight: 258 kgs

Leg Press:PG-022

Size: 1640x1540x1070(mm)

Machine Weight: 267 kgs

Seated leg curl:PG-020

Size: 1250x1000x1580(mm)

Machine Weight: 230 kgs

Enkay SeriesEnquire Now

chest press:EK-001

Size: 1450x1400x1680(mm)

Machine Weight: 244 kgs

shoulder press:EK-002

Size: 1450x950x1500(mm)

Machine Weight: 168 kgs

seated row:EK-005

Size: 1210x1050x1500(mm)

Machine Weight: 209 kgs

adductor machine:EK-025

Size: 2000x1250x1580(mm)

Machine Weight: 390 kgs

prone leg curl:EK-021

Size: 1550x1480x1600(mm)

Machine Weight: 230 kgs

leg press:EK-022

Size: 1175x1350x1500(mm)

Machine Weight: 265 kgs

Enigma SeriesEnquire Now

Rearl delt & pec fly:EM-015

Size: 1240x 940x2110(mm)

Machine Weight: 227 kgs

glute isolator:EM-029

Size: 1120x860x1620(m)

Machine Weight: 141 kgs

leg press & hack slide:EM-037

Size: 2320x1620x1375 (mm)

Machine Weight: 245 kgs

lat pull down& low row:EM-032

Size: 1860x1265x2300(mm)

Machine Weight: 265 kgs

bicep curl:EM-059

Size: 1100x1400x120(mm)

Machine Weight: 125 kgs

seated leg curl:EM-061

Size: 1510x1060x1620 (mm)

Machine Weight: 220 kgs

Hammer StrengthEnquire Now

incline chest press:HS-001

Size: 1220x1416x1645 (mm)

Machine Weight: 164 kgs

shoulder press:HS-003

Size: 1290x1280x1460(mm)

Machine Weight: 140 kgs

pull down:HS-004

Size: 1120x1385x1247 (mm)

Machine Weight: 150 kgs

leg extension:HS-007

Size: 1240x1260x1165 (mm)

Machine Weight: 130 kgs

standing leg curl:HS-009

Size: 1220x1050x1290 (mm)

Machine Weight: 120 kgs

hack squat:HS-010

Size: 900x1705x1120 (mm)

Machine Weight: 160 kgs

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