Exercise cycle or exercise bike are the most common equipment used at home or at any gym. Exercise cycle are the go to equipment for anyone who has just started going to gym or had started his own fitness routine. There are different kinds of exercise cycles which include upright cycle, recumbent cycle, spin cycle and air bike. Exercise cycle prices varies from model to model and mainly depends upon the specification of a exercise cycle.REACH exercise bikes are a smart choice for a high quality, low impact workout.New styling delivers beautiful lines to upright bike,recumbent bike and spin cycle, while still keeping the user experience in mind.REACH recumbent bikes have hand sensors on sides making it easier to monitor your heart rate for an effective workout.The drive system in REACH exercise cycle are easily removable cover that comes off with the cranks and pedals still in place. REACH exercise cycle are engineered to deliver a personalized ride while also improving fit,feel and longevity.