Treadmills are the most common used cardio equipment.Treadmills are used for home use as well as for commercial use.There are basically two kinds of treadmills which are manual treadmill and automatic treadmill. Automatic treadmill are motorised equipment or you can say motor is used to run the treadmill.Automatic treadmills are the best treadmill for both purpose and one can even buy treadmills online.Treadmill price varies from model to model and mainly depends upon the specification of a treadmill.You can even use our compare option available on our website to compare different models of REACH treadmills.REACH treadmills are made for walkers and runners of all fitnes levels.These treadmills offer sleek design, along with innovative and user friendly that well set any facility apart.REACH treadmills deliver the reliability, performance and quality that one desires for in any treadmill.REACH treadmills provide shock absorption system which reduces knees and joint stress.