Cross trainer is the type of equipment which cover exercise of complete body. The hand and leg movement is done in sync. People often confuse cross trainer with elliptical trainer. There is huge difference between cross trainer and elliptical trainer in terms of design, muscle usage and difficult in usage. An elliptical trainer, elliptical glider and elliptical cross trainer are all sometimes lumped together as elliptical. Cross trainer price varies from model to model and mainly depends upon the specification of a cross trainer. The elliptical cross trainer has one major difference that sets it apart with one glance: arm handles that move. REACH ellipticals replicate a natural stride that allows users to simulate walking, jogging and running. REACH cross trainer are basically designer for total body workout for burning calories without putting pressure on knees and other joints. REACH Elliptical trainer has an overlapping pedal placement which eliminates stress on hips and back. REACH cross trainer have large drive-pulley ratio which creates smoothest and most efficient motion.