What not to do with treadmill
Posted by: Atul Singh

A treadmill is a very handy equipment for you if you are stuck in a 9-5 job with no time for gym or any workout outside. Even if you are going to gym and using treadmill and even then you are not getting the desired results. It means there is something which you are doing wrong on a treadmill.

Let us have a look on what not to do while using a treadmill:

Wearing wrong shoes

Never wear a shoe with flat sole. Always use a shoe with good padding in the sole. The reason for the cushioning is to protect your foot bones and heels from the impact with every foot strike.


Looking at your feet

Beginners normally have a tendency to look down at the feet while running on a treadmill. Looking down while running can cause imbalance and can also cause stress to neck region. It can also cause stress in spine as your back won’t be straight.


Same routine

You should never stick to same routine. Always try to change something in your routine to get more effectiveness of the workout. The change will utilize different sets of muscles also. You can use the pre-set programs feature in the treadmill. Routine change will also help in preventing strain on the same muscles.


Check your stride

Everyone has different stride. You should not change your natural stride. Sometimes user tries to change his stride in order to cover more distance but the drawback of doing so is that you are using a lot of energy and eventually reducing the duration of your workout.


You hold the bars

The basic function of treadmill is to push your body weight. If you are holding the handle bars then you are reducing the efficiency of workout which will in turn result in lower calorie burn count. Holding the handle bars while running will also change your posture and put stress on your spine.


You lean forward

If you lean too much in forward direction while running on a treadmill, you can lose your balance and also the stress encountered on the back spine is more. Try to keep upright posture for effective workout. If you cannot keep this posture then try to run with slow speed on a treadmill.


Ignoring incline

Generally user ignores the incline feature and set the treadmill at zero inclination. Basically there are two variables in a treadmill which are speed and inclination. To have an effective and more efficient workout always try to run on incline surface as it will burn more calories and also tone your muscles.


Once you avoid all these points you will enjoy more effective workout and you will not be bored while using the treadmill every day.

Choosing the right treadmill is also an important aspect one should keep in mind. The treadmill which has the basic feature which are going along with your fitness goals should be preferred.

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