Treadmill vs Elliptical trainer
Posted by: Atul Singh


Over the years there has been a long argument whether treadmill is better for weight loss or the elliptical trainer. Well the truth is there is no obvious winner. It depends on what you want and what your body needs. Let us first understand about both these equipment, how they work, pros, cons etc.


Treadmill is an effective tool for running, walking, incline running and other activities. The variation in speed with inclination makes it effective tool for weight loss. Nowadays treadmills are coming up with big touch console with much modernized features like virtual mode. Factors which affect the calorie burn in a treadmill are your weight, duration of workout, speed variation and inclination adjustment.


  • Versatility - You can run, walk and do an uphill sprint on a treadmill. You can choose various pre-set programs for effective workout.
  • Natural movement- Now days in the market you will find modern treadmill which are designed to replicate the natural movement of an individual like walking, running and sprinting.
  • Work output- Pushing your body weight back and forth requires a lot of effort which eventually results in high calories burn count. The Pre-set programs offers to increase the calorie burn count which will eventually result in weight loss.


  • Joints- The most important concern for an individual running on treadmill is the amount of stress which the joints, knees and back spine goes through. Some treadmills have shock absorption system but still the stress is very significant.
  • Safety – High intensity workout which include running on high speed, inclined running are often not as safe as on thinks especially if you’re a beginner.
  • Posture- Few researches and studies have shown that natural posture of an individual is changed while running on a treadmill due to muscle imbalance.


Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainers or cross trainers are the ideal machines for cardio workout. Elliptical trainer covers and challenges both upper body and lower body. Elliptical trainers replicate a natural stride that allows users to simulate walking, running and stair climbing. Due to its simultaneous use of both upper and lower body more calories are burned. Like in treadmill, calorie burn in elliptical trainer depend upon few factors weight, duration of workout, Resistance variation and usage of arm handles.



  • Non-impact conditioning- Elliptical trainer replicates the running motion without any stress on your joints which in treadmill is pretty significant.
  • Handles- All the elliptical trainers have arm handles which allows to exercise upper body and lower body simultaneously.
  • Reverse stride- Individual can use elliptical trainer in reverse direction as well which will impact different sets of muscles.


  • Non versatility - Unlike in treadmills which have speed variation, elliptical trainer lacks this feature. The only variation one can do is the change in resistance levels.
  • Weight bearing – Elliptical trainers generally have less weight bearing effect as compared to treadmill as the elliptical trainers pedals are suspended off the ground. The strengthening of bones and muscles is less because of this reason.


Calorie burn comparison

Various studies and researches have shown that on an average calories burn count while running on a treadmill for an hour is around 705 to 886. On an average calories burn count on an elliptical trainer for an hour is approx. 773. Based on these studies treadmill is on a slight advantage over the elliptical trainer but if you consider this on a longer run, the difference is negligible.


Elliptical trainer can be used when you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness with minimal impact. If you want to attain more weight loss using elliptical trainer then you will have to do high intensity workout. Normally people get fooled by the calorie burn showing in the elliptical trainer as it is often over compared to actual calorie burn. Treadmills on the other hand have the advantage of it versatility of speed and incline variation. If you have been working out frequently and you are experienced, the treadmill will offer more calorie burn as you are supporting your own body weight. If you have any injury which would become even worse due to running then you should avoid treadmill and use elliptical trainer.

Both treadmill and elliptical trainer will be good for weight loss, the thing is you need to consistent and enjoy your workout. Ultimate goal should be to weight loss which both equipment will help you in.

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