Strength training at home with equipment
Posted by: Atul Singh

If anyone tells you that you are just a minute distance from a place which is equivalent to gym, less crowded and where you can listen your favorite songs. Will this tempt you to join it?  The answer will of course be yes. The place that I am talking about is nothing but your home. It is absolutely possible to have effective and efficient workout at home with the right equipment.

Here are few equipment which will be ideal for a setup at home for strength training purpose

Yoga Matt

While performing exercise on floor your knees can get hurt or your back might start aching during the crunches. To avoid this one can use a thick yoga matt which provides cushion to perform all the exercises. Yoga matt is very handy as it can be folded easily and is easily portable.


Kettle bell

Unlike dumbbells which comes in sets, kettle bell comes in single piece. Kettle bell when used efficiently are a great way to get ripped muscles. It generates more power and gives lean muscles. It also improves stability and balance. You can push, pull or swing the kettle bell in anyway.


Resistance tube

Resistance tube are made of strong rubber with handles on both end. One can perform various strength training exercise without actually using the weights like chest press, rows, shoulder press etc. There are various types of resistance tube with different resistance level. You can choose depending upon your fitness level.


Stability ball

Stability ball or gym ball is the alternate to the exercise performed on a bench. One can perform core and other strength training exercise to boost calorie burn. People with lower back problem find stability ball very useful as it puts the spine in its neutral position and increases the stability and balance. It is also very helpful for abdominal and back muscles strengthening.


Medicine ball

Medicine ball has been in the fitness industry for long now but its real use has been found out in recent years. Medicine ball is a great way to cover almost every body part including your hips, abs and thighs. You can use medicine ball to do crunches, pushups or use it as weight bench. It can improve your speed and accuracy of the movements. It also improves coordination and balance.


Bosu ball

Bosu ball is a versatile fitness equipment which comes very handy in a gym setup at home. When you look at the bosu ball, you can resemble it with the half stability or exercise ball. Bosu ball sharpens the reflexes and improves the stability and balance. You can perform various strength training exercises like lunges, squats, pushup, planks etc.


Jump rope

Jump rope is excellent equipment to burn calories. The impact of jumping using a jump rope increases bone density and is not as bad as running on hard surface which has great impact on joints. Jumping rope is great low impact cardio exercise.


Foam roller

Foam roller are inexpensive and versatile fitness equipment. It helps to remove the knots in the muscle when you roll over it and removes the soreness quickly. It is a great equipment for abs. Foam roller can cover complete body parts like back, thighs, calves, quads, hamstring etc.


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