Steps to lose weight with treadmill
Posted by: Atul Singh

Running on a treadmill is equivalent to running outside in any park or streets. Mostly people buy treadmill because they do not have time to go out for running and also the weather conditions these days are not suitable for running outside. Treadmill walking and running is a great way to burn calories each day which eventually result to loss of weight. You need to set your fitness goals and design your workout plan accordingly.

Here are few steps which will help you lose weight easily:

Step 1

Start with an easy workout. If you are a beginner then start with 10-15 min of workout for first 2 or 3 days. If you already into running or jogging then start with 30 min for first 2 or 3 days. Whichever mode you are starting with, just try to increase the length of duration with every workout. Just remember one thing running on treadmill is just a cardio exercise, you should save energy for other exercises as well so do not lose all your energy on treadmill.

Step 2

You will find many pre-set programs in treadmill. After you are accustomed to running try the programs which will have variation of speed and inclination blended together to give a sweat burning workout. Inclination will basically give you the feel of running on a hill or any slope. Running on a n inclined slope will burn more calories as compared to running on straight path.     

Step 3

Once in a week run or jog as long as you can on a treadmill. Just once in a week try to do double what you are doing at that moment. The speed will obviously be slow but keep moving and push your limits for the entire workout.

Step 4

With every passing day try to run faster than the previous day. If you are jogging now hen add some sprints. Use the pre-set programs. Increase the repetition of the workout After 10 minute warm up speed up for 30 to 60 seconds. The entire workout should last for around 35- 50 minutes and always remember to cool down for 5-10 minutes to get your muscle relaxed which are pumped up due to running and sprinting.

Step 5

The indication of you losing the weight is your calorie burn count. Always monitor your calories burned and try to intake to right amount of calories that you are required. Don’t eat over the amount of the calories burned otherwise your whole workout plan is of no use.


The most important thing to keep in mind is the consistency. You will definitely achieve your desired fitness goals if you are consistent but like it’s said no one achieves something without pain. You will definitely have sore muscles after the workout which is why cool down is needed.

I have personally followed these steps and lost a huge amount of weight. Choosing the right treadmill is also important. I had searched a lot online for the right treadmill which will fit my budget and the desired specification which I was looking forward to. I had finally shortlisted two brands namely REACH and life fitness. Both are good and quality brands but I eventually chose REACH. I have bought REACH T-700 motorized treadmill as it was in sync with my fitness goals and budget. Another deciding factor was the warranty period. Other good thing of REACH was the delivery and installation process which was very smooth. The service person were well experienced and certified. You can visit to know more about REACH fitness equipment


All the best in your efforts, Hope this will help you follow steps and lose weight effectively!!