Is Running on a Treadmill bad for knees?
Posted by: Atul Singh

Running itself is a high impactful exercise which can be tough on your knees but is it really bad that is something to ponder upon or is just another myth? Let us discuss about and look for a better answer.

Knees supports or bear the weight when you run. Knees are complex system of joints and are heavily prone to injuries due to its weight bearing ability. When you run the risk of hurting your knees depends on two types of factors which are internal and external factors.

External factors:

  • The intensity of workout
  • Your running technique
  • Beginner wanting to attain high speed running
  • worn out shoes

Internal factors

  • Weak or tight calf muscles
  • Poor balance
  • Flat foot
  • Rigid foot
  • Obesity


Outdoor running

Running on road can be dangerous as it does not absorb the impact of the knees. Running on hills or inclined surface can place extra stress on your foot. The advantage of running outside is that the terrain is available so the risk of repetitive motion injury is reduced.

Treadmill Advantage

Treadmills are designed with shock absorption system in the deck which absorbs the impact and gives you the same feel as if you are running on grass. In treadmills the inclined featured can be adjusted as per the user need so the stress on foot is less. Running on a treadmill is comparatively easier as it is a kind of aided running. When you put your heal forward on a treadmill the moving belt brings your landed foot behind which makes it easier.

Treadmill disadvantage

Running on a treadmill does not always support natural stride movement. In lower end treadmill the shock absorption feature is not available so when you run on those treadmill, you tend to bounce up and down. This will increase the impact on knees and reduce the efficiency. Treadmill user tends to over stride which causes pressure on knees.



As it turns out running on a treadmill is not bad for knees if you use the treadmill properly and do some warm up before running. Always go for a treadmill with shock absorption system. Running outside is also not bad but user prefers to workout at his own place as the environment outside does not allow him/her to workout.

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