How to lose weight using an Elliptical Trainer
Posted by: Atul Singh

Elliptical trainers or cross trainers are the ideal machines for cardio workout. Elliptical trainer covers and challenges both upper body and lower body. Elliptical trainers replicate a natural stride that allows users to simulate walking, running and stair climbing. Due to its simultaneous use of both upper and lower body more calories are burned.


Step 1

To lose weight effectively first one should know how to use the elliptical trainer.

  1. The position of back should be straight while using the elliptical trainer. One should look straight and not at your feet else your back will not be in straight position.
  2. The hands should be placed on the heart sensors provided at handle bars. The placement of hands on handles should be aligned keeping in mind your back position which should be straight.
  3. When you place your hands on moving handle then your upper body and arm muscles are getting worked out. When you place your hands at the center handle bars then your legs and buttocks are getting worked out.
  4. The position of feet should be flat on pedals and one should always push the pedals with your heels without putting any strain on your ankles. Heels should be raised once the pedal goes up.
  5. As the name suggests the movement of legs should be in the form of ellipse. The movement of legs should be smooth.


Step 2

Once you have figured out on how to use an elliptical trainer, next step would be to actually start using the elliptical trainer. Plan your workout according to your fitness goal and start burning calories on the elliptical trainer. While using elliptical trainer the calorie burn count will be shown on the console.


Step 3

Slowly increase the intensity of workout to burn more calories. You can pedal faster, change the resistance level in between to put more pressure on your legs to push the pedal. Modern elliptical trainer comes up with incline feature so just like in a treadmill you can change the inclination for more effective workout. Break your workout into 15-20minutes session and then do a repetition.


Step 4

When you pedal forward a different set of muscles are worked out and when you pedal backward another set of muscles are worked out. Switch between the forward and backward pedal to burn more calories and also it will increase the duration of workout as all sets of muscles are getting toned.


Step 5

Use the pre-set program feature available in the elliptical trainer. These programs are mixture of speed, inclination and resistance. Always give break in between as muscle need to be relaxed after long workout. The duration and longevity of workout will automatically increase once you are consistent with your routine.



For an effective workout on elliptical another or the most important thing is to choose the right elliptical trainer. There are many brands in the market which provide elliptical trainer. You should keep in mind your fitness goals and budget which choosing an elliptical trainer.

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