How to setup Gym at home
Posted by: Atul Singh

In today’s age with every one working individual tied up in 9-5 jobs find very less time to their fitness. People are increasingly living stressful lives and need to maintain fitness on regular basis in order to cope up with the stress and rigorous work life. The easiest way to get your fitness regime back on is to setup basic fitness equipment at home.

Here are few steps to guide you in setting up a home gym for any space or budget.

Step 1


 Space is the major deciding factor in your home gym. Decide where you want to set up your gym. You can setup in an office or any unused area, any empty space. Even a space as small as 200 sq.ft is enough to setup a gym. Keep in mind regarding the flooring and ventilation the space that you choose for your home gym.


Step 2


Building a gym doesn’t have to be particularly expensive. People waste a lot of money on unnecessary cardio equipment, multi gyms and overpriced specialist gym products that quite frankly aren't particularly useful in a commercial gym, let alone a home training space. First you need to decide what all equipment will fit in your space. You don’t want to buy over the quantity of equipment and then regret it later. After deciding on the equipment, next logical approach is to do research of the equipment online and offline and then compare the prices keeping in mind the quality because you will be making a huge investment and you don’t want to be get stuck with out dated products.

Step 3


Easily the most enjoyable part of creating your own gym space! Have you think about what motivates you and fills your space with it. Tailor your environment to your personality so that as soon as you walk into the gym you’ll pique your subconscious mind to prime you for hard work and success. A dull environment in your home gym will only make you not do a workout which will dissolve your whole purpose of setting up a home


Step 4

Find the right fit

Whether you are going to buy fitness equipment or lease fitness equipment, you need to know exactly what type of equipment will fit your desired space. Firstly do you your research on what your health targets are on having a gym at your home or at office. Choose your gym equipment according to your targets and workout routine. Always go for quality products. Few essential equipment for home gym are Treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, few weights and benches. These are ideal equipment for home gym and will basically cover your cardio part and little bit of strength part.


Step 5

Create an action plan

Organize your plan of action along with the space. Even the best home gyms won't do justice unless you actually do the workouts. Set your goals and accordingly make a workout plan which must keep you motivated enough to actually follow your plan of action. Always set small goals and then try to achieve your bigger goal. Small steps are way to success.


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