10 things to consider before opening a gym
Posted by: Atul Singh


You should do proper research on everything related to fitness. It will include the type of fitness equipment, fitness trainers, new fitness trends in market, knowledge of every exercise and a lot more. Doing proper research will give you a head start in pursuit of a successful gym.

2.Mission statement

You should set your goals and work accordingly. You should have a clear vision as in what you want to keep in your gym and how to go about it. Clear picture in mind will help you face the challenges coming across.


Gym business have become very competitive. It is easy to open a gym but it is very difficult to run a gym. You should do the market research in the area where you are planning to open a gym and keep in mind the X factor which separates your gym from any other gym. You should work on the prices on gym membership according to the competition.


Finding the right location can be a challenge but look for a location where the crowd looks to be interested in fitness. Choose a location which is near to residential hubs and if it’s near corporate hub that is an added advantage.


It takes a lot of investment to start a gym facility. Not only the cost of gym equipment is involved but there are a lot of hidden cost. It includes cost of staff, utilities, space cost depending on if you have rented or owned the space, flooring cost and more. Consider your budget and execute your plans accordingly. There are two approaches one is you buy the equipment and other is you can rent the equipment. You can visit www.reach2fitness.com if you go for buying option and you can visit www.fitnessathome.in if you go for rental option.


Once you have opened the gym, next step would be to make people aware about your facility. There are different medium of marketing mainly online and offline medium. Online would include social marketing, sending mails and messages etc. Offline may include posters or flyers, ads in newspaper, promoting in events etc. You should also keep in mind the marketing cost as it is one of the most important part of execution and successful running of your gym.


Anyone who joins a gym looks to have a personal trainer who can guide them and work towards their fitness goals. A gym requires a robust team who are looking to work to provide good experience to the member. This team will include fitness trainers, suppliers, accountant receptionist etc. Everyone wants an organized environment to work in and the customers will also have good experience if the environment is well organized.


You need to treat your gym just like your home. You need to maintain clean and hygienic environment in your gym facility. To maintain this you need to have housekeeping people which are essentially the building blocks of your gym facility. A clean and hygienic gym will provide customers a good experience and will help your gym attract new members.


Essentially the most important part of your setup. Always go for high quality equipment with good warranty period. There are many brands in the market but choose the brand with cost effective and durable gym equipment. Do a complete research on what equipment you need to put in your facility. Always have mix of basic gym equipment and the trend of market.

10.Maintenance and quality check

Setting up a gym is the easy part, the difficulty part is to maintain it. Always have a checklist on what all you need to consider in keeping your gym facility up and running. The gym equipment should be frequently serviced. This will not only minimize the breakdown but also increase the life cycle of the gym equipment. Always keep yourself in the shoes of the customer and think what all a customer would require in a gym so that he/she not only joins but also is motivated to come regularly.