Buying Guide for Multi Gym
Posted by: Atul Singh

Multi gym are the most common strength equipment one looks for if there is space and budget constraint. Multi gym is defined on the basis of number of station it contains. The common Multi gym for home purpose is of single station. One user can use it at a time and it has several exercises like lat pull down, biceps curl, chest press, shoulder press etc. If you increase the number of station the cost will automatically increase and also more number of users can use that multi gym at once.

Factors to consider while buying a Multi gym:

Weight stack

Weight stack are the rectangular weight plates placed in the multi gym which the user lifts using the cables through pulley system. There are basically two kinds of weight stack, one is made of PVC which is cheaper and the other is made of cast iron which is expensive as compared to PVC plates. For home purpose Multi gym comes up with PVC plates and in commercial gym multi gym are provided with cast iron.

Workout station

Generally the basic exercise station in a multi gym are chest press, leg curl, lat pull down, shoulder press. These are the standard exercises in a single station multi gym. Biceps exercise is optional. You should always go for a multi gym which have all these exercise. If your budget is more than you can add more exercise stations.


Always go for the multi gym which have seat adjustable option. This is one of the most important feature you should look forward to in a multi gym. Every user’s body alignment is different and if you are stuck with a multi gym with fixed seat then it can exercise different set of muscles and can cause injury.

Pulleys and cables

Generally user ignores the quality of pulleys and cables but these are the most important part of a multi gym as with the help of cables and pulley only you lift up the weight stack. Low cost multi gym have cheap cables which adds more resistance to weights and make them heavy than they actually are due to friction. Always go for good quality cables and pulleys and avoid low quality cables and pulleys.


Before buying search for the right space and keep in mind the dimension you are looking forward to which will fit in your desired space. Single station multi gym does not take much space. If you add more station to the multi gym then the space requirement will increase accordingly. You should also leave some space for the movement around the multi gym.


The most important deciding factor is the cost of the equipment which you would obviously want to fit in your budget. The cost varies and depends upon your fitness goals. If you are looking for a multi gym for home purpose then you should go for single station multi gym. If you have a commercial gym with space constraint and you can’t fit individual station for exercise of different body part then you can go 4 or 6 station multi gym.



You will find n number of brands in the market with n number of multi gym. The top brands for multi gym are REACH and Life fitness. Among these two REACH stands out because of the cost with right specification and service.

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