Buying Guide for Treadmill
Posted by: Atul Singh

 First thing that you need to decide whether you want to go for home use treadmill or for a commercial one. There is a big difference between both treadmills and it will completely depend on the type of workout regime you are going forward with.



 If you are looking to use treadmill for 10 hours continuously then you should go for commercial grade. If you are looking to use for 30-45min then you should prefer home use treadmill. Number of user also decide whether to go for a commercial treadmill or for home use treadmill. If the number of user are more than 3 then you should go for a commercial treadmill. If the number of users are less than 3 then the home use treadmill will work fine. Whichever treadmill you opt to purchase, there are some parameters that you should consider before going for purchase.



The motor along with its rating and warranty is something that will make your treadmill last longer. There are basically two kinds of motor, one is DC motor and other is AC motor. The difference between both is terms of their working mechanism. DC motor does not have automatic cooling so the user using DC motorized treadmill need to give treadmill a break after using for 45 min. AC motor has automatic cooling in the winding which is why AC motorized treadmill can be continuously used for several hours without any break. The motor are rated in terms of horsepower. Many brands will try to confuse you with the rating by using peak and continuous horsepower. The thing which you need to look is for the continuous horsepower. A good treadmill should at least have 1.5HP continuous. Always consider the maximum weight of the user in the family and choose accordingly. If max user weight is more than 120kg then you should consider AC motorized treadmill.



 This is again a major factor to be considered because treadmill is not something which you buy on a regular basis. A huge investment is being made on your end and you will obviously expect treadmill to run for last longer. Always prefer to have life time frame warranty of a treadmill and motor should at least have one year warranty.


Deck and cushioning

The size of running deck will depend upon your stride length as every user will have different stride length. A good treadmill should have at least 16 inch of running width and 48 inch of running length. Always go for the deck which has shock absorption system as it will help your knees not getting any jerk while you run on it. Double cushioning deck gives you same feel as you feel when you do running on the grass.



There are basically two kinds of motorized treadmill. One is which comes with manual inclination. Manual inclination means that you need to adjust the inclination manually before you start running. Second is the automatic inclination in which you can change the inclination while you are running on it either through the console or through the buttons on hand rail. How to choose between both will depend upon your usage and budget.


Workout features

  • Boredom kills treadmill workouts. A good treadmill should have pre-defined programs which you can choose before you start running on the treadmill. These pre-set programs are nothing but the combination of inclination and speed integrated in a program. A good treadmill should at least have 12 pre-set programs.
  • Speed and inclination should be adjustable through console and through hand rails.
  • Pulse monitor to measure heart rate. Usually sensors are provided on the hand rails which measures the heart rate.
  • A good treadmill should have facility of music which may be through Aux, USB or in built Bluetooth feature.



A treadmill which comes with hydraulic folding works best if there is space constraint. Hydraulic one touch folding system is the way to go when purchasing domestic treadmills A model which looks small in store can sometime turn out to b giant in your space. Always check the dimension before purchasing. Normally a treadmill does not make any noise and DC motor treadmill are much quitter.



A good treadmill is not cheap so let’s just get this in mind straight away. Treadmills are machine if used excessively will take beating that is why if you are looking to buy a durable and withstanding treadmill you need to dig deep in your pockets. Online you will find n number of treadmills with n number of brands but the treadmill which you require will obviously be on the basis of your workout regime. Gone are the days when one used to run on manual treadmills, now is the age where everyone wants everything to be automatic so I will recommend you to go for automatic treadmill. A good automatic treadmill will somewhere start from 35k.



There are basically two kinds of safety option available in a treadmill. One is safety key and other is emergency stop button. Safety key is the heart of the treadmill, without the safety the treadmill will not even start .Usually the user attaches the safety key to himself/herself in case the user falls or gets too far from the key the treadmill will stop slowly without any injury to the user. The emergency off button is just a button you push that turns the treadmill off immediately.



The most common query for any buyer is which brand to opt. There are n number of brands available in the market. All the brands more or less have same specification treadmill but what matters most is after sale service which is lacking in 95% of the brands. I have personally faced this issue once but when I purchased my second treadmill I did a lot of research online and offline and finally bought from a well-known brand REACH. The Best part of REACH is the product quality which integrates with awesome service. Personal suggestion would be to always buy any machine from offline medium after using the product. You can visit to know more about REACH Treadmills