Buying Guide for Spinning Bike
Posted by: Atul Singh

Spin bike is a great way to do workout at home. Spin bikes provides the most figure friendly exercises which promotes rapid calorie burn and safe weight loss. Working out on spin bike is a great way to achieve your desired fitness goals. There are various models of Spin bikes available in the market with different price tags and specifications. Before purchasing a Spin bike the most important thing to consider is your personal requirement which should match with your fitness goals.

Few things to consider before buying:


Before you even consider buying a Spin bike first decide your fitness goals because you will find various Spin bikes with different specifications and features. If you are looking light cardio workout then prefer buying Spin bikes with less specifications. If you are looking heavy cardio workout then prefer buying Spin bikes with some advanced specifications. Price will vary for both the Spin bikes. The bottom line is that you don’t want to pay more if your fitness goal is not matching to it, so know your fitness goal first before deciding to purchase any Spin bikes.


Spin bikes typically comes with magnetic driven resistance system. Lower end models comes up with manual controlled resistance. High end Spin bikes have adjustable resistance with brake down system in case of emergency stoppage controlled. Changing the resistance will make the movement of pedaling more tough which will help in burning more calories.


The flywheel weight is one of the most important criteria to look for when deciding to buy a Spin bikes. It basically tells you about the quality, comfort and fluidity of pedaling. Too light flywheel will cause unpleasant jerks while pedaling. Flywheel weight is directly related to resistance, heavier the flywheel, more pedaling will be required to reach the desired speed. Always prefer a Spin bike with minimum flywheel weight of 8kg.


Spin bikes basically have two kinds of seat adjustment. One is in which seat can be adjusted vertically and other is in which seat is adjusted horizontally. Basic Spin bikes comes with vertical seat adjustment. High end Spin bikes have both kinds of seat adjustment. It will basically depends on your requirement. I would recommend you to go for Spin bikes having both kinds of seat adjustment.


Spin bikes are generally bulky and are not foldable. Before purchasing a Spin bike make sure that you have enough space to keep it. Spin bikes are basically indoor bikes and should be placed in dry room without much temperature variation.


Lower end spin bikes comes with normal console which shows time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate etc. Higher end spin bikes do not have console. They are used more as a group cycle. These are mostly used in commercial gym. It will depend on your requirement, if you want a spin bike with console or without it.

Max user weight

The weight of Spin bike and maximum user weight supported by the Spin bike are inter linked. A lighter Spin bike will have lower maximum user weight and mostly vary from 90-100kg. Medium and heavy Spin bikes have higher max user weight and mostly vary from 120-150kg. If your user weight is just touching the maximum user weight of a Spin bikes then I would recommend you to go for next higher model to avoid any issue.


The burning question for everyone whoever is looking to purchase a Spin bike because it takes a huge investment and you want to make sure that you go for the right Spin bike. You will find ‘n’ number for Spin bikes model with ‘n’ number of prices. You should consider the Spin bike which is in sync with your fitness goals and desired specification.


Warranty is something which generally people over look due to price. Warranty is the indicator for the quality and the trust manufacturer has on his product. If you go for high end Spin bikes the warranty will be more and vice versa. You should go for the Spin bike which has at least one year warranty and life time frame warranty.


You will find n number of brands in the market with n number of models for Spin bikes. The right way to choose any brand is to look for number of years the brand has been in the industry along with a good after sales service. The top brands as per my research for Spin bikes are Life fitness, Technogym and REACH. The standout brand among these three is REACH purely on the basis of right price matching with the desired specifications.



After searching online I have found the REACH Spin bikes as the best one available in the market with the right specifications. Personal experience will tell you that you should always purchase these machines offline once you have the full satisfaction of what you are getting as you are making a big investment. I have bought REACH SG-SB Spin bike as it was in sync with my fitness goals and budget. Another deciding factor was the warranty period. Other good thing of REACH was the delivery and installation process which was very smooth. The service person were well experienced and certified. You can visit to know more about REACH Spin bikes.